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The Rebirth of Underoath, Pt. 3 - Tech Rehearsals

Tech rehearsals are when artists go to a rehearsal space (sometimes a space dedicated to just this purpose, sometimes a smaller venue that happens to be available for the time they need to dial everything in), so they can set up their full production (video screens, lights, and all the other things that go into a show) and run through their set to work out any kinks or technical difficulties before they play in front of an audience.

So for the two days between the "secret show" and their first official show of the tour, that's what they did. The first day was mostly getting everything set up and plugged in and wired and rigged up correctly. Just enough for the band to run through and make sure all their gear is synced up properly.

Since the lights and video screens were still in the process of being fully set up, I decided to treat the first day's shoot as behind the scenes, and thus converted these image to black and white.

When I arrived at day two of tech rehearsal, the full production was up and running, so it was kind of like my own private preview of the concert! With the band allowing me access to cover these days, I was able to get some shots that would just be darn near impossible to get during the actual concert.

They're not going to put up with a photographer running around the stage the entire time they're trying to perform, no matter how good of a friend they may be. But that's basically what I was able to do here.

Well, it wasn't really my own private preview... Some of the band members' wives and kids were on hand to see their husbands/dads at work too ;-)

Not your typical "bring your kids to work day," right?!

And now that tech rehearsals are over, it's time to play the gig.