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Update from Nashville

Ascend Amphitheater and the Nashville skyline

It's been a while since I shared anything on here, so I figured I would just do a general update on life since moving to Nashville.

First off, I'm loving it here. Nashville is a pretty fantastic place to live. I've been wanting to live here since my days of visiting the city when I was in college. That desire has only grown stronger in the past few years with more and more friends moving here. Every time I would visit, it just felt like home.

Plus, since finishing college, I've lived far enough away from my family that it was always an ordeal to come visit. Now I can make a day trip to see my parents if I want. I also wanted my niece and nephew to know their Uncle Brad in person, not just over video chat. It's nice to have that technology, but you can't go swimming with them or play with them or snuggle up and read a bedtime story together over an iPad. So being able to see them more often is great.

Fun with Snapchat filters!

Fun with Snapchat filters!

Nashville is just one of those cities that still feels like a small town, even though it's definitely growing very rapidly. I'm currently sitting at one of MANY coffee shops here, and just across the street is an artisan chocolate company. One of the stars of the TV show Nashville came in, had a sandwich, and left completely unbothered by anyone (though it was very tempting to tell him I was a big fan, but I decided to let him enjoy his sandwich in peace). Just to paint a slice of life picture for you.

This is an incredibly creative city. There is no shortage of people making great art here, whether it be music, photography, food, videos, coffee, paintings, whiskey, or any number of other endeavors. There's a reason there are so many coffee shops and co-work spaces in town. They're always full of people getting caffeinated and staring at their laptops. You might walk in and think, "Why aren't all of these people at work right now??" But they are. They're just working for themselves. There's also a good chance that they're a musician, guitar tech, tour manager, bus driver or what have you that are home from tour for a few days before hitting the road again.

So yeah, this place has a certain allure that isn't very common, which is why so many people are drawn to it. But that's enough about Nashville. What have I been up to?

I am a full time freelancer now. What's that mean? I work for myself, for anyone who will hire me, and I'm trying my hand at new stuff as well.

Photo bombing during the Shoot Like A Pro seminar. Photo courtesy of @bhphotovideo on Twitter

Photo bombing during the Shoot Like A Pro seminar. Photo courtesy of @bhphotovideo on Twitter

I still work with Scott and the gang at KelbyOne quite a bit. If you're at one of his seminars, you'll see me there working alongside him. I'm still managing Guest Blog Wednesday and New Class Thursday for his blog, and I'll be assisting him on a few things at Photo Plus Expo this week. Can't wait to see everyone there! Scott and I have a great relationship (probably better than ever now that I'm not around every day to annoy him constantly ;-) ), and I'm incredibly thankful for him and his continued support.

Bear Rinehart of Needtobreathe in Nashville, Tennessee

Mat Kearney in Knoxville, Tennessee

Beck at Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, Tennessee

Grace Potter at Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, Tennessee

Sunset at Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, Tennessee

I'm still shooting concerts when I can. I'm not really shooting for anyone right now, so it mostly ends up being bands I'm connected to in some way, or I find a way in through a friend who is connected. I'll go weeks without shooting sometimes, then I'll shoot for three days in a row. So goes the ebb and flow of the freelance life.

On location with Robby Klein and Curb Records artist Selah

On location with Robby Klein and Curb Records artist Selah

Production shot of the group photo Robby Klein shot for People Magazine before ACM Honors show at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee

Production shot of the group photo Robby Klein shot for People Magazine before ACM Honors show at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee

I'm also assisting my buddy Robby Klein from time to time when he needs an extra hand on a shoot. So far I've helped him on shoots for Billboard, People, ELLE, and Curb Records. It's always helpful to see how other photographers work, as well as network with other people in the industry. Being visible helps people remember you exist and they're more likely to think of you when they need something you can provide. And most people here are just cool people and I like getting to know cool people. So it's a win-win!

Video contains a profanity. Check out Matt's new album American Wilderness on iTunes and Spotify!

Speaking of networking and creativity, I've also started partnering up with a new friend, Phil Barnes, on video work. Phil and I met when we both showed up at our friend Matt Hires' concert with the idea of doing a video for Matt. We hadn't met before that night, and it seemed silly to me that we were each going to do a video for Matt, so I asked Phil if he wanted to work on it together. He said yes, so we planned out who would shoot what, then got together to do the edit the next day. A few hours later we were finished with our first video, and that was the beginning of Phil and Brad Make Videos. We're just getting started with this, and I'm excited to see where it goes! Here's another one we made for another Matt, but you can watch more on Vimeo or YouTube and keep an eye out for more in the works.

And somewhere in between all of this, I decided to go check out the Grand Canyon for the first time ever. My parents were on a trip out west and said I should come meet up with them, so I booked a flight for the next morning and made the trip!

Sunset at the Grand Canyon from Mather Point

So, that's more or less what I've been up to. Working and networking in my favorite city, enjoying the delicious things it has to offer, making new friends, spending more time with family, and just enjoying life!